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The Bunker

A Place of Leisure for Men and Women of Letters

Men and Women of Letters
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The Men of Letters Bunker
Welcome to the Men of Letters bunker, a safe place to retreat to with other Men and Women of Letters for chat and edification, as well as a repository of all known information about the Supernatural.

All Men and Women of Letters are encouraged to contribute to the archives by posting and/or linking to news items, SPN-related tweets, etc. The better you tag, the easier it will be to find these items later on in the archives. (Please check to see if the tag you use already exists.) No gossip; that's beneath the Men of Letters. Put anything spoilery beneath a cut and warn for spoilers. Occasional mistakes are inevitable. If it happens, be gracious and gallant, as befits a Man or Woman of Letters; don't be overly harsh.

This is a wank-free zone. You are welcome--nay, encouraged--to have unpopular opinions; simply discuss them civilly and with equal respect for the opinions of others, whatever they may be.

Also, punning is strongly discouraged--but if you must pun, make it original and clever.

Weekly events:

~ A hunt. (After all, we have to attend to the family business.) What are you hunting for?: the best fanworks you saw that week.

~ Episode reaction post.

~ Sunday all-day party.

~ Your weekly top five of anything. (Here is the story behind the weekly Top Five.)

~ Open letters to anyone or anything associated with the Supernatural.

The only dick allowed in the bunker is Dean; all others will be kicked out.

Membership is open and unmoderated; just make sure you weren't followed when you come through the door ....


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